Drag Queen Trudy Scrumptious helps KP Nuts tackle the serious subject of testicular cancer

KP Snacks has teamed up with men’s health charity Movember for the third year running, to help raise awareness of the most common form of cancer in young men and to encourage more men in Northern Ireland to ‘check their nuts’.

KP enlisted the help of Northern Ireland drag artist, Trudy Scrumptious to launch the campaign locally. The nut brand hopes that using humour will make it easier for men to talk about what is a serious health risk.

Ricky Watts, KP Snacks NI Business Account Manager, explained: “We are extremely proud to be working with Movember to help raise awareness of testicular cancer and encourage as many men as possible to check themselves for irregularities. KP is the UK’s most loved and well-known nut brand, so we chose to use our brand profile to reach as many people as possible with this very important message.

“In the UK around 2,300 people are diagnosed with testicular cancer every year and a third of people do not check for lumps and bumps once a month as recommended. It is for these reasons we at KP are immensely proud to be partnering with Movember to champion ‘checking your nuts’.

“We hope that the fabulous Trudy Scrumptious will help us break through the stigma surrounding this life-threatening condition by using a little humour and get men talking. It’s so important to know, that if detected early, testicular cancer has a 95% chance survival rate and ultimately, we want to help save lives, so our message is for men to check your nuts today, don’t hesitate, and friends and relatives please encourage the men in your lives to do the same.”, said Ricky.

KP’s new UK-wide campaign features a video of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner, The Vivienne, who can be seen bursting into a changing room full of footballers advising them to check their nuts for anything unusual, as the best place to do this is after a warm bath or shower.

The national campaign also features ex Love Island star, Chris Hughes, concluded Ricky. “Chris is pictured in a bathtub full of KP Nuts, as the bath or shower is the perfect place for men to check their nuts.  This is because the warmth of the water softens the skin thus making it easier to feel anything unusual. One minute is all it takes, whatever you call them, check them and see your doctor straight away if anything doesn’t seem right.”

For more information visit www.kpsnacks.com and www.movember.com.

Issued on behalf of KP Nuts

8 November, 2021

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