The Ulster Fry voted most powerful NI food… according to Boost drinkers!

To celebrate the launch of new flavour Punch Power, survey reveals Northern Ireland’s most powerful people, foods and more…

The people of Northern Ireland are known for their ‘good ole norn iron’ delicacies and with such a wide range of choices, it can seem virtually impossible to decide what the most powerful NI food really is.

According to a survey carried out by leading energy drink Boost to celebrate the launch of its new Punch Power flavour, the much-loved Ulster Fry has topped the poll with a massive 44 per cent of the vote with the Tayto Crisp Sandwich coming in at second place with a respectable 18 per cent.

Belfast boxing hero Carl Frampton’s huge success in and out of the ring has resulted in the people of Northern Ireland voting him the most powerful person in Northern Ireland.

It’s no surprise that Carl has boxed his way to the top of the poll, now that he’s back to his winning ways, however, hot on his heels as powerful contenders were NI political giants Arlene Foster and Gerry Adams!

Also in the race for the country’s most powerful person was NI’s very own Charlie Lawson who is set to make his grand return to the Weatherfield cobbles after a few years away from our screens. It seems he’s never left the hearts of loyal NI fans – so he hasn’t!

British rock band Queen was the winner of the best power ballad, with worldwide favourite track ‘We are the Champions’, stealing 18 per cent of the vote and Whitney Houston’s smash hit ‘I Will Always Love You’ coming in a close second with 16 per cent.

In the world of celebrity, power couples are taking over and with masses of choice from Kimye to Beyoncé and Jay Z, the people of NI voted its favourite power couple as Barack and Michelle Obama, with a massive 25 per cent of the vote. The Kardashian craze hasn’t quite taken over Northern Ireland just yet!

Boost consumers were asked who they thought had the best sports power swing and winning by a huge 32 per cent was our very own Holywood golfer, Rory McIlroy with his world renowned powerful drive.

Power cars were next on Boost’s agenda and with so many to choose from it was undoubtedly a tough decision for NI as all listed cars received a portion of the vote! However, locking in 20 per cent of the vote was the Ferrari, closely followed by the Lamborghini at 16 per cent.

When asked when they feel most powerful, a whopping 46 per cent of NI consumers confirmed they feel they are at their most powerful after their lunchtime sugar free Boost energy hit!

Lastly, Boost asked Northern Ireland consumers to tell them who holds the most power in their household. Over half of Boost’s NI customers decided that they hold all the power at home – this must certainly be the Boost affect! Mothers and wives came in at second and third place, proving how powerful Northern Ireland women really are.

Francine Matthews, Consumer Marketing Manager for Boost Drinks Ltd said of the launch:

“As Northern Ireland’s number one soft drink in the independent sector, we know that Boost is very much loved here, so we are excited to add Punch Power to NI’s range of flavours.

“Our new flavour definitely packs a punch and we are delighted with the response we have received from our NI market so far.”

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 MEDIA ENQUIRIES: The full list of results from the Punch Power Survey are detailed below.  For further information please contact Michael Rafferty or Bronagh Cobain of Duffy Rafferty Communications on 028 9073 0880.

PUNCH POWER: NI Survey Results

Which is the best Power Ballad?    

Bon Jovi – Always                                                             5.78%

Aerosmith – Don’t Want to Miss a Thing               12.89%

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You            15.56%

Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U           5.78%

Queen – We Are The Champions                               17.78%

Meatloaf – I’d Do Anything For Love                      14.22%

Prince – Purple Rain                                                        13.78%

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart                7.11%

Mariah Carey – Without You                                       0.44%

Roxette – It Must Have Been Love                            2.67%

Other (please specify)                                                    4.00%

Who is your favourite Power Couple?

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West                                    8.44%

Beyonce & Jay Z (Carter)                                               9.33%

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson                                              3.11%

George & Amal Clooney                                                0.89%

Barack & Michelle Obama                                            25.33%

David & Victoria Beckham                                            7.56%

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi                            4.44%

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds                                      12.00%

Christine & Frank Lampard                                           1.78%

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne                                              22.22%

Other (please specify)                                                    4.89%

What is the most Powerful (Parful) NI food?

Ulster Fry                                                                             44.00%

Irish Stew                                                                            8.44%

Pastie Supper                                                                    3.11%

Fish Supper                                                                        3.56%

Tayto Crisp Sandwich                                                     18.22%

Steak & Guinness Pie                                                      1.78%

Champ                                                                                  2.67%

Veda or Wheaten Bread                                                4.44%

Sausage Roll                                                                       7.11%

Fifteens                                                                                3.56%

Other (please specify)                                                    3.11%

Who do you think is NI’s most Powerful (Parful) person?

Carl Frampton secured the most votes.

Others included,

Gerry Adams

Arlene Foster

Charlie Lawson

Rory McIlroy

Frank Mitchell

Jamie Dornan

Liam Neeson

Who has the best sports Power ‘swing’?

Golfer Rory McIlroy’s drive                                          32.00%

Boxer Anthony Joshua’s right-hook                          20.00%

Tennis’ Serena Williams’ forehand                            3.11%

Tennis’ Andy Murray’s backhand                               2.67%

Ex-Cricketer Darren Gough’s bowl                             0.89%

Irish rugby Johnny Sexton’s dropkick                       8.89%

NI goalkeeper Michael McGovern’s throw-in       11.11%

Belfast Giants’ Blair Riley’s strike at goal                 13.78%

Other (please specify)                                                    7.56%

What’s your favourite Power car?

Bugatti Chiron                                                                   11.11%

Ferrari                                                                                  20.44%

Lamborghini                                                                       16.00%

Tesla Roadster                                                                  8.89%

Dodge Demon                                                                   6.22%

Bentley Continental                                                        4.44%

Porsche 911                                                                       7.11%

McLaren                                                                               5.78%

Ford GT                                                                                10.67%

Hennessey Venom F5                                                     2.22%

Other (please specify)                                                    7.11%

 At what time of day are you at your most Powerful?

First thing in the morning – the early bird catches the worm!       15.56%

After my lunchtime Boost energy fix!                                                       46.22%

The evening, once the stress of the day is gone!                                 18.22%

The early hours of the morning – I’m a night owl.                               17.33%

Other (please specify)                                                                                    2.67%

Who holds all the Power in your household?

Me                                                                                                                         51.56%

My husband                                                                                                       0.44%

My wife                                                                                                                8.44%

My girlfriend                                                                                                      7.56%

My boyfriend                                                                                                     0.89%

My partner                                                                                                         0.89%

My mother                                                                                                         14.67%

My father                                                                                                            3.11%

Pet                                                                                                                         5.78%

Other (please specify)                                                                                    5.78%